Mandrel Bending

No job to small.  Call 0405 110 340 to discuss your requirements.

We have the capacity to bend from 1/4in up to 100nb heavy wall pipe with our two mandrel bending machines.

We are able to design, machine and deliver tooling needed to produce a quality bend of any radius needed for your project.

We are your mandrel bending specialists. Bending can be completed from drawings, samples and templates.

Material Diameter CLR (Centre Line Radius)
12.70mm 19mm, 33mm, 46mm, 60mm, 75mm
16.00mm 18.5mm
19.00mm 24mm, 31.5mm, 35mm, 38.5mm, 42mm, 47mm, 51mm 58.5mm, 63.5mm, 69mm, 80mm, 90.5mm, 112mm
20.00mm 30mm, 51mm, 61.5mm, 73mm
25.40mm 55mm, 83mm, 112mm
26.90mm (20NB) 60mm, 150mm
28.00mm 50mm, 75mm
31.80mm 63mm, 75mm, 90mm
33.70mm (25NB) 60mm, 73mm, 76mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 135mm
38.10mm 90mm, 115mm
40.00mm 100mm
42.40mm (32NB) 60mm, 75mm 90mm, 95mm, 120mm
44.50mm 105mm
48.30mm (40NB) 100mm, 120mm
50.00mm 230mm
50.80mm 60mm, 100mm
60.30mm (50NB) 125mm
63.50mm 120mm
76.10mm (65NB) 115mm, 145mm
88.90mm (80NB) 200mm
101.60mm (90NB) 250mm
114.30mm (100NB) 300mm
Material Size CLR (Centre Line Radius)
20 x 20 SHS 72mm
25 x 25 SHS 75mm
40 x 40 SHS 150mm
50 x 50 SHS 155mm