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Mandrel Bending

Section Rolling

Machining Services

Welcome to WA Bending!

WA Bending offers a new level of customisation to the bending and rolling industry in WA. Our vision and goal is to provide high level of customisable service through our experience and skillset, and an ever growing selection of tooling made in-house.

What We Do

Mandrel bending

Stainless steel tube/pipe.
Aluminium tube/pipe.
Copper, Brass, cromoly and
Boiler tube, copper nickel.
Mild steel tube/pipe, SHS & flat bar.

Section rolling

Stainless steel tube/pipe/angle.
Aluminium tube/pipe/angle.
Mild steel tube/pipe/angle.
Flat bar, on edge and on flat.
RHS, on edge or flat.
Angle, toe in or out.
Solid bar.

Design &

All mild steel, light
to heavy Fabrication.
Stainless steel/aluminum tig and mig welding.